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Ascension Global

13 Dec 2022

Earth is Ascending!

Earth is not a static Environment, it is Dynamic,

It is a dynamic Planet that changes itself with the Evolution of the Species it Inhabits.

The Human form, Adept for Planet Earth is functioning on it's own like an Individual Earth that is crated for itself by the Base Mechanics of Earth’s Functioning.

Earth has given you a perfect body, that works FOR IT, via it’s Central Chakra System that is sitting bright with a Mother Crown in The Himalayas in India and Root in USA.

The functioning of such Chakras dictates your Eating, Sleeping, Walking Schedule and so India wakes up at a different hour than USA.

Every body is definitely functioning for the Evolution of its geographic Conduit and the Foundation of it all is God Consciousness,

Irrespective of your Geographic Position on Earth THE PURPOSE OF GOD AND GAIA ,is to Lead you to a Painless Environment that is formed at the basis of Human Development that requires a Pain less Body.

Earth is also building a Painless Body for It’s Ascension.

Ascension Bodies are meant to uplift and evolve Gaia’s next Physical dimension that will transcend a Third Dimensional State of Living and Operate with the higher Crown Module that works Across Time and Dimensions.

And so Your Ascension, is not Exclusive to you.

Its a Collective Dedication to Live a Pain free Life.

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