Accepting Yourself.

Healing Body Image and Body Acceptance.

The most difficult part of a woman's Healing Journey is Accepting her Body.

We are often confined by not only society's ideas of Perfection, but Originally Our Parents' opinions of Us.

It's what we hear and see, in our childhoods that shape what we project as we grow up.

We aspire to be like our wounded parents completely forgetting that what we aspire to be is not US.

This post is not an attempt to make you childhood wounds, rather to realise How Beautiful you simple are, just by being.

Body Shaming/Body Image issues are at the very core of Self harm especially for the Divine Feminine. Most of Us, As we incarnate into the Earth Matrix are often scrutinised for how we feel about ourselves. The Body you Embody as soon as you incarnate is a reflection of your wounds and the trajectory you are holding for this life.

Healing it or Breathing it, is YOUR CHOICE.

Your Physical Vessel reflects emotions towards yourself. The way you use the polarities is first embodied by the Physical Shape of your Body.

It strives to tell you the Past Life wounds you are here to heal should you wish to break out of the matrix. Breaking out of it, also doesn't guarantee freedom from the imprisonment of your Past. It keeps chasing you in many ways until you consciously decide to feel Beautiful just the way you are.

If You were subject to abuse for being overweight or underweight, Your manifestation cycle includes Self Harm with the very source of nourishment on this Planet.

You are not rejecting food, You are rejecting Life.

Your relationship with food also symbolises respect; The way you honour and respect your first home, The body.

Earth is not your home, Your Body is. If you are not comfortable with where you live, How can anyone or anything make you feel better about your life?

How will you ever manifest a lover, before yourself?

Hating and resenting your body the way it has been is not your undoing, Acceptance is.

The first step to accepting your home is by accepting what you feel inside of it.

Your wounds are stored all over your body, which manifest as various diseases mostly in your womb space(period problems, fibroids etc) as you reject your Femininity.

All overweight/underweight women will resort to being excessively masculine to cope with trauma of being shamed for their femininity. If you're placed in a job that pays you extremely well but kills your Creative hours coz you have a big report to submit, Rethink if you're meant to stay.

(Not unless your job allows you to tap into Sacral Creativity)

The Anger you feel towards your Parents, for blocking shame in your body is being channeled into excessive Toxic Masculinity and Sadistic Sexuality.

Your Sexual Experiences also stem from the same pain until corrected as Sex with anyone is about Feeling your own body. What you are feeling is Pain and creating is even more Painful.

Body Dysmorphia and Body Shaming is the most Painful Grid EVERY WOMAN ON THIS PLANET IS STUCK IN and pushes to hurt themselves Sexually the most.

You are living your Mother/Father Wounds in name of Sexuality and Career, all stemming from Rejection of YOUR BODY.

As soon as you accept and feel what's inside the body, You will transmute the pain of being subject to abuse and stop abusing yourself further.

Take it from a Woman who spent her Life battling childhood obesity, Your Beauty and Body are Your identity, No one else's.

Stop attaching to how your Mother feels about you, or what your Dad sees you as.

Walk out of that relationship that abuses you body(emotionally too). You deserve to be respected and accepted for your wounds but NO ONE, NOT EVEN YOUR DIVINE COUNTERPART can respect what you don't.

You see, Your Hologram is a projection of your body, and what's inside of it. The way you feel about yourself is mirrored by everyone around you. Then, What's the point of blaming anyone for how it triggers you? The only way to heal is Acceptance.


Stop being so afraid of what you might feel and be vulnerable with your Dark.

It might be scary but it's honest. Honesty will always align you with God.

Who could hurt you if you were living your God truth? Who could comment on your body if God resided in it? No one, Not even yourself could reject your Body as Home.

No idea, No thought, No Emotion should be welcomed in your home unless you invite it and if its infringed upon you uninvited, Don't accept it!

Get your transmission to heal Body Shaming in My shop and enjoy your Home the way you should.

Much Love


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