What is Light Language?

It’s the most ancient form of healing practiced since the Mayan Civilisation. Light Language is a sound frequency transmission of pure light that directs your body to bring about healing. It contains codes to activate your own healing abilities, that your rational mind doesn’t understand, but your soul, which is light, has complete knowledge of. As you receive a light language transmission, your emotional body activates healing codes within your DNA, to heal you.(Your physical body is governed by your emotional body to gather experiences in this reality).

Light language is channeled from the higher realms, from your higher self. It’s a download of PURE LIGHT into your body. Light Language doesn’t need any instructions, it flows wherever healing is required in your body. It’s the most effective modality of healing I have personally experienced as a healer. Light language can be communicated via sound, art or body movement. As you anchor light codes from the higher realms to modify your avatar for this physical experience, your body moves in beautiful waves and patterns to communicate this transmission.

Light Language is a language from the higher realms, it cannot be understood to be formulated with alphabets like any other language. You carry it’s knowledge and applications in your soul. To receive light language, you have to leave your EGO outside the door. A Pure light transmission alters and activates your DNA to bring about deeper healing for your traumas.

Just be open to receiving the transmission without questioning the how.

Flow with the transmission and surrender to its sound.

*If you’re interested in learning this modality, you can connect with me personally!

Much Love,


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