Sexual healing is one of the most important aspects to feeling “whole” within. Your Sexuality is your own identity, The way you relate to yourself, the way you look at your own body, the way you make love to yourself, defines how you “accept” physical love from another. You can only accept that which you give yourself. Hence, Sexuality then becomes a bridge between your own emotions and actions, towards yourself. If you’re reading this post, it's highly likely that you have questioned your relationship with yourself and found no answers to what real sexual satisfaction is. Sexual Satisfaction is often defined as reaching a place of heightened pleasure to orgasm. While orgasming is an important aspect of your sexuality, its not the culmination of sensual pleasures. Sensual pleasures begin with complete knowledge of your body and accepting how your body moves to touch. When you are aware of your pleasure senses and conscious of the physical touch, it becomes a meditative state and you enter a cosmic portal of trance to your own existence, connected to all of you. It’s then you feel your own love towards yourself. Comforting your body when needed is also an act of love. The extent to which you feel comfortable with your own body, is your degree of comfort in lovemaking. Lovemaking is not a physical act of “fucking” as accepted by 3D humans. Lovemaking is sacred. Sex is Sacred. Your sensuality is sacred and who you make love to, defines sacred bonds with your partner.

Sex is often misconstrued as 2 people coming together to “take” sensual pleasure from each other. “Taking” when making love sets the energy of the act to be depleting from one another. Don’t confuse this “taking” with communicating your sexual needs to your partner. Communication of your body needs will deepen and intensify the sacred act. However, The “taking” means,”I’m here to get an orgasm” and not “I’m here to connect with you as deeply as I can and express how I truly feel for you through this physical expression”. This misconstrued image of sex as promoted by the porn industry and general 3D perception of sex, deprives us of who we truly are. A divine being will never be truly satisfied with just an orgasm. We were conditioned to forget the sanctity of sex and how it must only take place in real love and connection. As we forgot who we were and what we wanted, We attracted experiences that fed our wounds in sexually abusive relationships, sexual experiences, that left us empty and hollow with no real satisfaction although there might have been plenty of orgasms. So if orgasming doesn’t satisfy us, then what does?

The satisfaction you are looking for, is heightened sensual pleasure between 2 bodies that move as one, with one energy, intent and devotion to each other. The intent to express the depth of their emotions to one another through physical expression. Sex, is a sacred act of meeting of two polarities, that go to the point of creation and back, when merging. This merge is the most powerful event, that can take place in this realm as this merge can birth a new being in the womb portal. Sex is also an opportunity for a Man to renew himself, every time he enters this cosmic portal. He draws his woman’s energy, every thing that she is, during sex. A man can enter his woman with an intent and amplify it in her womb of creation to birth it into physicality. His creation and manifestation abilities are the most powerful during lovemaking. It’s for the same reason that when twin flames make love, there is a vacuum around them both as they both unify as one and connect with their own creation. A woman’s womb is a portal between dimensions to birth life into this realm. This holy act of lovemaking is a healing experience for both as the man goes inside her woman to leave his own energy, everything that he is and everything that he feels for her. A woman knows exactly how her man desires her, loves her, honours her and protects her through this sacred act of love. The sexual experience between twin flames can be very intense to handle when twin flames first unite. It's an explosion of Source frequency is physical form and expression and it’s absolutely normal for your body to find the experience foreign. I remember not being able to sleep and feeling ungrounded when I first encountered sacred love making. I was literally pulled towards him like a magnet and I found this attraction to be “abnormal”. This foreign feeling stems from your past history of sexual experiences and how you perceived sex in your life.

As you get more intimate with your divine counterpart, it starts to push out sexual shame out of you. This sexual shame is one of the biggest blockages in experiencing pure ecstasy during love making.

The sexual shame that your counterpart pushes out is your outlook towards sex and how you accept your sexuality. This outlook comes from your inner child and how you were accepted for being yourself. When your parents shamed you for just being you, you accepted rejection as love and shame as your identity. Your inner child was also shamed for giving yourself pleasure. Anytime your parents shamed you for watching the television too long, or playing games, sports, arts, or anything that gave you “joy”, and “pleasure”, fed into this rejection energy of pleasure being a shameful act. Your inner child believed that if you pleasured yourself, you would be rejected by your parents. Hence, as an adult, your biggest block in owning your own sexuality is the rejection energy of being shamed as a child. This prevents you from accepting everything you “need” to pleasure yourself. You may not even accept this to yourself, your own needs in pleasuring yourself, as its shameful for you to do so.

Another blockage to your sexuality is how your parents catered to your needs and theirs. If you saw your parents neglecting their needs for something else, your inner child only understands neglect as a replacement for pleasure. The degree to which your parents took care of your body and its needs, is the extent to which you will care about your body and its needs. You will love your body and its sensual needs according to how your needs were met as a child. If your parents completely rejected your body as having an experience in itself, you will not be able to accept any experience that your body desires. This also relates to body shaming. If you faced obesity as a child, and your parents shamed your body for the way it was and denied its needs(needing to eat), Your inner child accepted need deprivation as one of the forms of being loved. You felt accepted when depriving your body of it’s needs. Hence as an Adult, you deny your body any and all needs to feel mentally accepted and loved by yourself. Serving your own needs is foreign to you and so is pleasuring yourself. It’s highly likely that you feel uncomfortable with your own body functions as needing “pleasure” was considered abnormal. Hence your body needs are abnormal to your inner child.

The way we experience love and warmth from the opposite energy as a child determines the way we receive and accept physical love from the same sex. For ex; if you’re a woman and you had an abusive, narcissistic, manipulative father, you were likely to attract abuse in sexual experiences as your vibration carries abuse accepted as love from a man. You would have then attracted, rape, forced sexual encounters or sexual trauma, as your inner feminine is damaged to identify “abuse” as love from a man. As your first encounter towards receiving love from a masculine energy, your father, was abusive. Similarly, if you’re a man and you had a controlling, manipulative, narcissistic mother, you would have then subjected other women to control and domination in sexual experiences as your inner feminine identifies abuse from your mother as love and that’s how you have learned to express love to others, by controlling, domination and manipulation, just how your mother expressed her love, in your childhood.

This deep damage, of verbal, emotional and physical abuse by our parents completely distorts our perception of our bodies, its needs, need to pleasure and express love. We can only express our love the way we have received love in our childhood, until healed. The way we were made to feel about ourselves and our bodies is what we will communicate and express while lovemaking.

Hence, Sexual healing begins with identifying your inner child wounds and blockages and accepting that you were not loved right or accepted as a child and that’s when you’ll begin to reparent yourself. You’ll first heal your inner feminine wounds of being subject to abuse by your parents and accepting abuse as love, you will then alchemise the process of meeting your own needs by letting go of false ideas and traumas that mask your needs. As you begin to identify your needs and stop shaming yourself for it, you will start giving yourself everything you were denied emotionally as a child and will lead to feeling whole. Shame is a program inauthentic to your divine DNA. You were taught to feel shame, for being a human being, for having needs, physical and emotional. Let go of this shame program by accepting your needs completely and release shame for wanting to be loved, both emotionally and physically. We all need to feel accepted for ourselves unconditionally and this begins with accepting yourself first. What you receive from another comes from your relationship with yourself. This relationship resides in your Sacral chakra, the second chakra around your pelvic region. You can catalyse your healing process by chanting ‘VAM’, the seed mantra of this chakra. Orange foods are also very helpful in balancing this chakra. Incorporate the colour orange in your life to bring it to balance.

There are two exercises you can follow to accept your sexuality;

Women: You can make love to yourself consciously by being aware of your body and breathing consciously without feeling any shame whatsoever and needing to hide yourself under the covers. Go all out when exploring who you are and make this an essential practice. Get to know your own body. Where does it like to be touched and pleasured. Pleasure yourself with complete awareness of your own body to feel your own being inside of you.

Envision everything you want to do with your partner and let it come to you in your body as you make love to yourself.

Men: You can make love to yourself consciously without watching porn or attaching any lust ideas as taught by the matrix to brainwash you into forgetting your own sacred sensuality. Connect with your body. Connect with all of you. Where does your body like to be touched and how do you want to be made love to? Not just to orgasm but to connect intimately with your counterpart. Let your imagination run wild, imagine everything you want to do with your partner and experience it slowly in your body. Accept the pace to be slow and conscious to feel how your body wants to be loved.

*you can both use your counterpart’s picture for this. This will give you an insight into shame programs in you. It will also push out how you feel about your body, and its sexual needs. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you have a lot of shame to heal.

Sex is a beautiful merging of two polarities, that merge and move as one to express how they each feel about themselves and the other. It brings about so much healing to both counterparts as you both pleasure each other to take care of the most intimate needs that you both have. To communicate these intimate needs, it becomes absolutely essential to be aware of these needs first. So spend time with your self, bring about sexual healing and let go of everything that comes in the way to accepting yourself completely. Always remember, you are an expansive being of light having a temporary human experience and its your duty to give yourself the best one!

If you’re looking to heal sacral chakra blockages or need assistance with healing shame programs, you can connect with me personally to receive light language healing for the same. To understand how light language healing works, head to my previous post on light language.

lovingly, in your service,


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