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2024 Union Year Activation(Leave Behind 2023 Rejection)

2024 Union Year Activation(Leave Behind 2023 Rejection)

This light language activation will activate you and your DM to leave behind separation cycles that are hurting you both from 2023. Whatever happened between you and your Twin this year and however this year was for you both and the pain you caused each other and the REJECTION CYCLES you gave each other WILL COME TO A COLLAPSE AND YOU WILL NOT TAKE THESE CYCLES TO 2024. It’s imperative to close those cycles by the end of this year as the last few days are a portal to leave behind whatever is causing you both Separation still. If you enter 2024 with the same Union Separation cycles you are stuck in, It will cause more triggering and pain in 2024 as you will be yet to leave them behind. I suggest you take this Activation and leave behind 2023 painful chaos and rejection that you both caused each other and enter 2024 with Union love and understanding that both of you will be activated for with the Healing. YOU WILL NOT BE REPEATING 3D SEPARATION CYCLES FROM 2023 with this activation, they will stand closed and a NEW UNION CYCLE WILL BEGIN FOR YOU BOTH.

Directions: Activate 17 Times everyday until 31 December.

You will receive a Link to Download the Healing.

  • No Refunds

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