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Activate Union Time

Activate Union Time

This Light Language Activation will activate you to CHANGE AND TURNAROUND UNION TIME that is causing Separation within you both inside and outside. This is an Extremely advanced DNA ACTIVATION that changes your TIME PARALLES IN MULTIPLE REALITIES AND ACTIVATES you to Create A NEW UNION TIME CYCLE THAT HAS NOT EXISTED BEFORE. Simply Put, Your DM and You have only experienced separation in Past timelines and past lives and so you are unable to manifest Union in the present one. If you were able to Turn SEPARATION time around, You would have been able to Manifest Union by now but because you are still in separation YOU NEED THIS ACTIVATION TO TURN IT AROUND AND ACTIVATE UNION TIME CYCLE THAT OPERATES ON HEIROS GAMOS and gives you Union. This Activation will give you a TIME RESET and you will be Able to RUN UNION TIME for you and your DM. It will delete SEPARATION TIME OFF YOUR DNA AND 3D Life(Time Cycle) and you will be able to Manifest Union with ease.

Directions: Activate 17 Times Everyday X 21 Days

You will receive an Email to Download the Healing.

  • No Refunds

$100.00 Regular Price
$50.50Sale Price
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