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Clear Subconscious Deflection

Clear Subconscious Deflection

This is an Extremely Advanced Light Code Activation to Correct Subconscious Trauma Thought Forms and Trauma Patterns that Stem from Lower Ego; Guilt, Shame, Victimhood, Blaming, Narcissism, Pain, Lack, Anger, Jealousy and More Separation Based Concepts.


Your Body can Tune into Various Aspects of You, Stationed in Both Lower and Higher Densities. As the Subconscious Carries Trauma, Your Conscious Brain is Unable to Tune out of the Same and Accepts/Pulls Thought Forms/Speech out of the same Translating it into Action.


This Translation not Only Creates More Wounding for You but also Keeps you Harvested in Lower Realms. This Harvestation ALTERS YOUR HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION and Keeps it Controlled Until YOU TUNE OUT OF THE SAME DENSITY.


This is Exactly what This Activation will do For You, You will be Activated to Tune into Higher Aspects of Your Soul Stationed in Painless Densities to Clear the Lower Emotional Band Fields from the Body Hence your Hologram/Life.


It will Open your Crown Chakra and Release Multiple Frequencies into Your Past + Future Timelines to Bring More Communication with Respect to Correction That Needs to Take Place Within Your Being. 


These Frequencies will Tune Your Hologram Leaving Painful Cellular Programming Behind.


You will Begin to Detach from the Thought Forms Being Released in your Subconscious Out of the Lower Painful Densities and Use Your Conscious to Correct the Pain Deflection with Constructive Action By uning into Frequencies Accessible in Higher Realities Your Soul is Stationed in.




Look at the Codes Everyday X 2 Minutes.


Carry Out the Process for as Long as You Wish to tune into Higher Aspects of You Stationed in Higher Densities.



You may experience;


Emotional release/stomach release/vomiting/headaches/insomnia/sudden rage etc. All reactions to these transmissions are normal. Feel such emotions and let them go. 


That’s How a Toxic Program leave your Divine Vessel! 


You will receive a link via Email to download the Same. 


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