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Collapse Reptilian Simulations for Twin Flame Union

Collapse Reptilian Simulations for Twin Flame Union

Get This Activation to Collapse A Reptilian Love Story with Your Twin Flame.


There is No Pain in a Twin Flame Union, There is No Wounding.


Both of You Are Struggling to Collapse a Life YOU DID NOT CHOOSE FOR YOURSELVES.



A Twin Flame Union Suffers a Brutal Fate at The Hands of Reptilian Simulation. Since, Earth, For You, Reading this, is A Shadow Reality Built upon Pain, Trauma, Blaming and Everything Non God, You CANNOT be with Your Twin Flame Unless You PULL YOURSELF OUT OF SUCH REPTILIAN SIMULATIONS.


Earth is A HOLOGRAPHIC VIRTUAL SIMULATION that Works Against the Union Between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Until Clarity on God is attained. You will have to Reject Everything Non God and Completely Accept Your God Truth.


A Reptilian Simulation is Built upon Pain, Poverty, False Jobs, Lies, Third Party, Cheating, and Brain Dead Responses towards Living. You Live a False Life to Please the Matrix and Embrace Everything Linear About Pain. There is No God in Such Experiences as You're Fighting to Stay Alive as a Human.


Reptilian Simulations ARE CREATED TO Pull Source/God Energy From You So that Evil Infused via Such Programming can Stay Alive Through you.


How Could You Possibly Manifest a Twin Flame Union When You Host Evil?


You Claim to Love your Counterpart When there is no Apprehension in Rejecting/Blaming/Shaming Them for Everything NON GOD That You feel about Yourself. That is not How You Activate Union Mechanics or Love True to God.



You Need to Collapse Reptilian Simulations to Manifest a Twin Flame Union. You Cannot Be Keeping Pain Based Evil Emotions Felt During The Same Active as They Reverse the Functioning of Polarities so Divine Masculine Always Betrays Divine Feminine. There is Nothing Divine About Pain or Evil.


Evil Behaviour Towards Your Counterpart Activates Incorrect Sound Field for Masculine Action.


"I Love You", Will Be

"I Hate You + Blocking" in a Reptilian Simulation.

It's An Automatic Procedure.


Both of You are Brain Dead and Follow Evil Blindly.


This Activation will Help You see Divine Truth Where It Did Not Exist in Pain and Wounding.


Hence, Get This Activation and Heal Such Simulations So that You Project Union.


Direction: Take This Activation 6 Times a Weekend X 4 Weekends X Every 2 Weeks X 8 Times.


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