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Communication Codes for Twin Flame Union

Communication Codes for Twin Flame Union

These are Communication Codes from my Own Personal Twin Flame Union. 


They have been Created with My Personal Exposure to Physical Union. 


They will Activate you both into Talking, Expressing and Making Love the way you both are in you Natural State as Twin Flames.  


You can use these to Create More Communication with Your Twin Flame. 


Especially if you’ve been on ghosting mode for a while, they will give you the right perspective/simulation needed to Pull BOTH OF YOU out of it. 


Your Masculine Will want to talk more with these. 


You as a Feminine Will tap into more Femininity for him to manifest Physical/Sexual Union with Communicative Expressing.





Use 3 Times a Saturday X 12 Saturdays.



You will receive an Email to download the Healing.


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