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Activate Your Highest Timeline

Activate Your Highest Timeline

This activation is ALL YOU NEED to Unlock your Highest Timeline on Earth.


As you take it, You will be Activated to Embark upon your Highest Timeline.


Anything not in alignment with your Highest Timeline will come up for a release.


EXTREMELY HELPFUL FOR THOSE who have newly awakened and struggling to find their way back to themselves.


It will Automatically place you on a Timeline that Aligns you with your GOD self.




This is not an Ordinary Activation.


It will affect you in all spheres of life; family, partner, career etc and you will be forced to look at the toxicity that surrounds you to shift it once and for all. It will attract your Life purpose and Anything not in Aligment with it, Will fall off your timeline.




Take this Activation 4 Times a Week.


Give a Gap of 5 Days then Repeat.


Carry out the Process for a Month.


Meditate afterwards to be more receptive to the downloads that come through.


You may experience;


Emotional release/stomach release/vomiting/headaches/insomnia/sudden rage etc.


All reactions to these transmissions are normal.


Feel such emotions and let them go.


That’s how a Toxic Program leave your Divine Vessel.


$111.00 Regular Price
$25.25Sale Price
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