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Divine Feminine Healing

Divine Feminine Healing

This Activation will activate you to become the Divine Feminine you're meant to be.


You will be Healing and Transmuting Many Wounds with this.


You will be collapsing the DARK FEMININE template from its core.


The Dark Feminine is responsible for keeping you stuck in manifesting wounded cycles of Self Harm/Self Sabotage/Self Betrayal/Low Self Worth and Attracts Abandonment/Rejection etc.


The Dark Feminine needs to heal before you heal the Dark Masculine(Inner Action).


Therefore, Take this activation to align yourself with God and collapse False/Wounded narratives you have been manifesting unconsciously through the Dark Feminine.


Those of you who have the WOMB HEALING need not purchase this.


 It's a Great Transmission to begin your healing journey with!


For both Men and Women, Everyone feels through the Feminine Polarity. 


Directions: Take this Activation 4 Times a Weekend X 5 Weekends.


Give a Gap of 5 Weeks then Repeat.


Carry out the Process a total number of 3 times. 


Meditate afterwards to be more receptive to the downloads that come through. You may experience; 

Emotional release/stomachrelease/vomiting/headaches/insomnia/

sudden rage etc. All reactions to these transmissions are normal.


Feel such emotions and let them go.


That’s how a Toxic program leaves your Divine Vessel!


You will receive a link via Email to Download the Healing.


$50.00 Regular Price
$11.11Sale Price
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