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Comprehensive Shadow Work Activation

Comprehensive Shadow Work Activation

This Activation is for everyone Healing Shadow at the moment. As soon as the Soul retrieval portal opens up, The Soul Fragments which are a slave to the Reversed use of Polarities want to rush through and connect with the fragments using the Polarities Correctly.

In this process the Masculine Polarity may get attached to the Shadow being transmuted and begin to co-create timelines with it. This is exactly what this Activation is going to break you out of.


It will activate the Divine Masculine polarity to observe the Shadow instead of attaching with the Shadow Transmutation process so that when Shadow is transmuted at Zero Point Field the Divine Masculine Polarity can integrate the fragment into the correct use of polarities and stop Manifesting Incorrect Timelines. 


Simply put, It will activate you to do Shadow Work Correctly.

This is a very big Reversal all Light workers get stuck in during Shadow collapse wherein they can’t Identify what the integrated Fragment needs. They get attached to what is being Healed instead of Detaching from the Wounds. It will Activate you to stop attaching to the ones that are being Transmuted and Start observing them so that they can be transmuted to your whole Healed Self.


The Divine Masculine Polarity will be able to stay at the Zero point field during Integration so that no attachment is built with the Healing Process and hence hurt the Chakra System.


You need this Activation if You're looking to Heal with Surrender to the Zero Point field so that you don't hurt yourself with the Harvested Muscle memory and Purge the Pain necessary that is channeled into Creation Otherwise. 


Directions: Take this Activation 3 times a day(in a row) X 3 days  X every 4 days x 1 month. 


Meditate afterwards to be more receptive to the downloads that come through. You may experience;

Emotional release/stomach release/vomiting/headaches/insomnia/sudden rage etc. All reactions to these transmissions are normal. Feel such emotions and let them go. 


You will receive a link via Email to download the Activation.


$88.88 Regular Price
$12.12Sale Price
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