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Masculine Healing For Self Abandonment

Masculine Healing For Self Abandonment

This Light Language Activation will activate you to Heal MASCULINE WOUNDING THAT LEADS TO SELF ABANDONMENT.


It will Activate the Divine Masculine Polarity within You to release Abandonment implants and to Stay Conscious of when You're creating a Timeline out of these Implants so that You Don't Hurt Yourself.


Self Abandonment stems from Unacknowledged Pain that MAKES THE MASCULINE HURT THE BODY BY CREATING SELF ABANDONMENT and Translating it into a Vicious Cycle of Self Abandonment Loops that Create Multiple Timelines that Lead you Away from God.


As You take this Activation, You will be Activated to Heal  such Self Abandonment Programs that hurt your Soul.


Extremely beneficial for Healing Inner Divine Masculine.


Directions: Take this Activation 5 Times a Weekend.


Give a gap of 5 Weeks then Repeat.


Carry on the Process 5 Times.


Meditate afterwards to be more receptive to the downloads that come through. You may experience;

Emotional release/stomach release/vomiting/headaches/insomnia/sudden rage etc. All reactions to these transmissions are normal. Feel such emotions and let them go. 


That’s how a Toxic Program Leave your Divine Vessel! 


You will Receive a Link via Email to Download the Healing.



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