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Feel like a Virgin, all over again.

Feel like a Virgin, all over again.



I was rather sad about us women, having lost virginity data to another and couldn’t help but create this healing to heal the sore heart of sexual force and coercion to our Past when we couldn’t do better. 


This healing is for every woman that was sad, helpless, lost and destroyed upon losing her virginity to a man that wasn’t her Twin Flame. 


It’s so sad and honest to see the love of your life and want another Past. Something that doesn’t make you feel Sex. 


Sex from your past is just an upset story, it wasn’t love. It wasn’t love making at all. 


It was an honest disgrace to the result of pain you wanted to inflict upon yourself. 


So you get this activation and LEAVE ALL OF THAT BEHIND. 


Remove those men that pretended to be your man, remove their gist, their ideas and come back to yourself. 


This healing carries Innocence codes for you. 

From your childhood, when you remembered yourself the way you are. 


Young and beautiful and free, for the caress of your Man, your DM. 


This is an advanced Twin Flame Sexuality code and WILL PULL YOU TWO TOGETHER LIKE MAGNETS. 


Directions: Use 5 Times a Saturday X 7 Saturdays. 


You will receive an Email to Download the Healing.

  • No Refunds

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