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Heal AI Interference In Twin Flame Union

Heal AI Interference In Twin Flame Union

This Light Language Healing will Activate you to Correct and Resolve AI Interference/Reptilian Coding with Respect to Twin Flame Union. 


You will be able to Communicate from an Observational Space fully watching AI thoughts that Sabotage Communication between you two. 


This will let you Pull THE CORRECT SOUND FIELD FOR COMMUNICATION so that You Don’t manifest Artificially Generated Rejection Cycles. 


You will be able to get through Non Communicative Phases as well as you Correct the AI Reversals instead of Chasing Your Counterpart. 


Directions: 4 Times a Day X 5 Days. 


Repeat Every 4 Days X 4 Times. 


You will be Receiving a Link via Email to Download the Healing.


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