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Heal Drunk Sex Episodes

Heal Drunk Sex Episodes

Alcohol is not Your Friend, Neither is the Guy You Slept With After!


It Triggers You Into Behaving Like a Reptilian Whore That Demands to Live with More Source Energy As Yours is Taken To Evil Via Liquor Possession and So You Want More Sex, To Survive the Evil Consumption. 


Drunk Sex Takes Place as Reptilian Codes Activate Themselves Upon Liquor Consumption and AUTOMATIC BODY MOVEMENT IS TRIGGERED WITH ALCOHOL. 


Remember The Nights Your Body was Slurring and Slopping, Yet You Landed in Someone's Bed?


That is The Automatic Body Movement or Reptilian Coding or False Timelines That are Being Manifested/Simulated For You By the Artificial Simulator/Evil That has Taken Over This Planet and Needs Your Body to Be DESTROYED VIA SEX.


Remember How Abusive Your Drunk Sex Expisodes Were?


How Many Times Did it Hurt Your Body?


Remember Losing ANY MEMORY OF THE NIGHT BEFORE and Pills You Took After?


The Hurtful Exposure of a Man to a Seductive Woman, Against His Desire to Be With her When Alcohol Slurred, Needs This Activation.


If You as a Man, Got Seduced into Meaningless Sex, Post Alcohol, Get This Activation.


You didnt Purr a Cat, You Were Made to.


This is This Planet, It Hurrts You in Many ways, So You Hurt What Hurt You and You Stop Taking It.


You'll Stop Taking Drunk Sex as a Life, With this Get Activation and Heal All Episodes That Slurred you into Sleeping with Strange Men and Women.


Learn That Your Body Moved Against God' Desire to Experience Physical Love, God Doesnt Want You to Whore Around, Evil Does.


Orgies, Threesomes, Prostitution, Whatever You experienced Via Liquor, Will be Corrected.


Directions: Take The Activation 7 Times a Weekend X 7 Weekends X Every 2 Weeks X 2 Times.


You Will Receive a Link Via Email to Download the Same.



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