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Heal Feminine Shadow(Transmutation Activation)

Heal Feminine Shadow(Transmutation Activation)

Dear ones,


This is an extremely advanced activation for Divine Feminines to Transmute Shadow for their Divine Masculines, Union and Gaia.


The Divine Feminine Polarity has to heal resistance to feel higher emotions as per the memory stored in the akashic grid of Gaia. It's for the same reason that Twin Flames are manifesting Temporary Physical Separation again and again as the Feminine Polarity refuses to close Separation. It's the resistance to be one with her Masculine (stemming from Past Life Wounds) that she blocks receptivity and Feeling altogether. 


The Feminine blockages are so deeply anchored in Gaia's Grid that transcending requires feeling and acceptance of grave Self Harm wounds that manifested Separation as the way to be prior to awakening.

In some cases, Your entire Life Story.


Akashic Grid is the most difficult to collapse as it leads to revival of your original fragments as created by Source for Life on Earth. 


Therefore, Those of you looking to dedicate yourself to Conscious Grid Work by surrendering to your Heart Centre will benefit from this activation.


You will transmute a lot of Shadow with the same. Excessive Purging that is needed to Close Separation for your Union and Gaia will take place.



Directions: Take this Activation 5/6 times X 5 days.

Use whenver necessary or bypassing shadow integration. 


You may experience;

Emotional release/stomach release/vomiting/headaches/insomnia/sudden rage etc. All reactions to these transmissions are normal. Feel such emotions and let them go. 


You will receive a link via Email to download the audio.


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