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Heal From Past Lovers and the Way You Loved Before into Union

Heal From Past Lovers and the Way You Loved Before into Union

This Light Language Activation is very close to My Heart today as I Fully Understand how you’ve been in Love. Before and tried your Best to save the Relationships before you found your Flame.

How your heart felt utterly disappointing time and again as you failed one relationship after another and got your heart broken only to realise you were never meant to be with anyone but your Twin.

It’s not easy the perspective shift, From what you known about yourself in love to realising you are literally Unable to Love anyone other than your Flame as your Soul feels ripped out of your chest upon separation from your Twin.

So whatever you have experienced with them was a something that gave you a false idea to have been in love and transitory Pain with your Twin that you perceived as a Union.

Your past with anyone was simulating Pain in your Union and so attachment to what you think you have been capable of feeling having felt for them and accepting it as Love is actually causing a lot of separation. You were only attached to the idea of the One, since they were not yours to be and so letting it go fully is needed to realise Physical Union. It will also change your partners perspective as you stop loving the way you have learned to be, with false blaming, shaming, questioning that teaches separation into full surrender of what true love and Union means. You have to accept that you have never loved anyone because YOU ARE MADE ONLY TO LOVE YOUR FLAME and until you keep the remembrance of your past alive as “Your Dating History” as your barometer to Love, They will continue to treat you the same and as will you.

You know in your heart that you That you have never loved anyone or Respected anyone the way you do your Flame so it’s extremely important to remove the disrespect you are used to in loving which is Karmic to both of you and must be removed. Any time you disrespect your Flame it tarnishes Union and creates separation as neither has understood how to love true to God. So take this Activation and learn what it’s like to Love and Respect God in love as you do to each other. It will change everything for you two and stop creating Karmic resemblance between your Love. It’s the way you are in love with your Flame, Romantic and honest that it will change what you “thought” was it. It will never be the same for you anymore.

Directions: Activate 19 Times everyday X 2 months.

You will receive an Email to download the Healing.

  • No Refunds

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