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Heal Gaslighting & Bitching Towards Your Twin Flame

Heal Gaslighting & Bitching Towards Your Twin Flame

You can use this Light Language to Heal any kind of gaslighting you have done to your Divine Counterpart. As you “Discuss and Insult” your for their Ghosting, Blocking, Miscommunicative patterns. 


You generate so much Negative Karma and Ill fate for your Union that you repel them into many Rejection Cycles. 


You don’t even realise the way you gaslight them as you finger point, question, blame and shame their decisions towards you. 


Such gaslighting responses are not for a Twin Flame. 


They will never give you a Twin Flame Union as you separate them as someone evil and then complain over lack of being in Union. 


You hate your Twin and want Union, such confused abusive methods of Love will never get you anywhere. 


Therefore get this Activation to clear your Gaslighting Karma towards them and anyone you’ve done it to so that you don’t project obstacles in your Twin Flame Union. 


Gaslighting towards anyone is an act of Evil and only generates ill fate as a human. 


So get this Activation and Correct your Desire to Be Evil in Love or Existence. 


Listen to the healing twice a Saturday night, repeat after 4 Saturdays, twice.


You will receive an Email to download the healing upon purchase.



$50.50 Regular Price
$25.25Sale Price
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