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Correct Your DM’s Muscle Pull Against Union

Correct Your DM’s Muscle Pull Against Union


You and your DM share Both Polarities.

You both carry both energies Feminine and Masculine. Your DM being Male carries more Masculine energy and CONTROLS UNION WITH IT. NOW WHEN YOUR DM IS IN PAIN AND UNAWAKENED, HE’S PULLING THE MASCULINE FUNCTION TO BUILDING SEPARATION AND PAIN AND CONTROLLING YOU WITHIN HIM TO DO SO. This is why Separation Period lasts so long as his muscle movement is against Union. For ex; if Union timeline for you both is to drink coffee in the morning, you would use your Brain(DM) and Heart(DF) to create this timeline, Your DM in separation would drink Tea every morning and choose the tea Timeline for you so. This is the control of the DM(Brain) as he controls the Timeline muscle pull and chooses it for both of you. This Activation is going to correct his subconscious in STOPPING HIM TO DOING SO and generate the right DNA coding within him to control his muscles from creating and generating Pain for you both. In this regard you would control the Union timeline and correct Karmic situation from your end. It will generate the right FEMININE MASCULINE CODING NEEDED for you both to Simulate Physical Union.

The whole point of Healing is to control SEPARATION MUSCLE PULL. Separation muscle pull can be best understood as your Tongue speaking evil against your control. Ever observed yourself in Pain and the way your TRIGGER BODY SPEAKS? Healing for Union means HEALING THE TRIGGER BODY that is Carried by your DM for you both. This will attack the trigger body and THE TRIGGER MUSCLE PULL such as not replying to your texts, not meeting etc. These are examples of his muscle pull(DM function) being lead by the trigger body and against Union. Union Muscle Pull has to be generated which this activation will do. It will reverse the KARMIC PULL ON HIM. It will stop him from doing everything she wants him to and you to. This is an extremely advanced HEALING, ASCENSION, PHYSICAL UNION DNA ACTIVATION and everyone in every kind of situation will benefit from it.

Directions: Activate 11 Times Everyday on loop X 2 Months.

You both will be purging massively with the same.

You will receive an Email to Download the Healing.

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