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Heal Negative Karma and Forgive Yourself and Others

Heal Negative Karma and Forgive Yourself and Others

Your Body is used to Hurting. Hurting itself since you were Born in circumstances you wish were different. Your first reality, upon opening your eyes in this Holographic Virtual Simulation, Planet Earth, are you parents and they are karmic projections to hurt yourself. It’s for the same reason you experienced such spiteful relations with family members and thereafter with husbands or wives manifested with their wounded upbringing.



 And so your body is addicted to pain and hurting itself and continues to generate a Loop of Negative Karma as you continue to manifest and think from the pain you felt with everyone in your life via fights, arguments, the desire to be right or wrong when instead you could just be forgiving and ONE WITH GOD towards them and yourself. 


You could forgive all Negative Karma built with everyone and  release DIVINE MASCULINE HARVESTATION OR NEGATIVE ACTIONS TOWARDS YOURSELF THAT SIMPLY MEANS YOUR BODY ACTIONS, MOVEMENT HURTING YOUR GOD DESIRE. God desire is very simple to Understand. It doesn’t carry Pain and so anyone inflicting Pain upon themselves via any habit, mental cycle etc is generating Negative Karma towards self and when you face another your body can only replicate what it feels about itself. 


You project the information you carry in your soul about LOVING AND HONOURING GOD WITHIN and the way you do it is the way you would be done by. So be extremely careful with what you do with yourself all the time. It’s SIMULATING YOU, IT’s MANIFESTING YOU INTO EXISTENCE. 


This healing will clear it for you.




Use the activation 22 times x 12 Weeks.


  • No Refunds

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