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Heal Sadistic Running Chasing In Twin Flame Union

Heal Sadistic Running Chasing In Twin Flame Union

As Twin Flames meet and activate each other, Both of you are extremely wounded. You have been hurt by your friends, family, exes so much that You carry Sadistic Tendencies towards yourself in living and this is what you hurt your Twin Flame with the most. 



YOU ACT SADISTIC IN YOUR UNION that leads to NO COMMUNICATION/MEETING so that you keep feeling the Pain of PHYSICAL SEPARATION from Past Lives. 



The masculine keeps reflecting this wound by refusing to speak with you and you mirror it by rejecting that he loves you. 


Incessant running chasing cycles are born due to this and both of you first act sadistic then run, So you first reject so that the other person chases and then you run as you are bored of the chase. 


This sadistic running chasing pattern can only be cut, Once both twins stop hurting themselves with everything they do in life. You have to stop hurting yourself in every way especially romantically to manifest Union. Your twin is only rejecting you to stay sadistic about your love so that they celebrate the love in a painful manner as they have in 

Past Lives. 


So you get this activation and Correct Sadistic Patterns in your Twin Flame Union. 


It will Correct Running Chasing Cycles.




Take this Activation 5 times everyday X 5 days.


Repeat every 3 weeks.


Carry out the process a total number of 5 times.


You will purge heavy as will your twin flame.


You will receive a link to download the healing via Email.





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