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Heal Separation Information that makes your DM Reject, Repel and Fight

Heal Separation Information that makes your DM Reject, Repel and Fight

This Light Language Activation will correct and Heal THE FIGHTS YOUR DM IS HAVING WITH YOU that makes him Run, Repel and Reject You due to Unfortunate Karmic Emotions and circumstances that HE IS YET TO RESOLVE AND FULLY UNDERSTAND TO LET HIMSELF FEEL ASCENDED Love and emotions for you.

This Activation will give you and HIM the understanding and Downloads you need to move past rejected behaviour that is yet to make a pass for your Union. It will wake him up to the PAIN that he needs to go through and Purge to fully wake up to God and Your Union and Love. It will also activate you both to COMMUNICATE AND RESOLVE your issues like Trust, Expression, Feeling, Negligence, Avoidance, Sexual Passing, Self Hatred and the likes that hurt and create Running between you both consistently. This activation will also enable him to finally see how he feels for you because he has been running a long time and he needs to see it for himself finally. This Activation will do the job. Whatever is holding him back from feeling for you, Will come up to be looked at and he will understand what it means to be your Twin as it will activate him to move faster on his ascension. As he wakes up to his Ascension, He can Finally feel for you and this is what this activation will do for you. It will resolve all of the above and track you to Physical Union. You can expect his behaviour to change after this activation. He will behave like himself once the mist has cleared and he has purged his emotions out.

Directions: Activate 17 times a day X 21 Days only.

You will receive an Email to Download the Healing.

  • No Refunds

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