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Heal Sexual Harvesting

Heal Sexual Harvesting



As you Had Sex with Anyone When Unawakened, That Timeline is Fully Harvested to Pain and Can Control Your Projection/Simulation Right Now.


Sexuality is the Easiest Way To Control the Life Experience of an Individual as the Simulation Gains Access to Your Body via the Most Vulnerable Aspects Of You.


Until These Timelines Collapse, Your Body will Continue to Act out of the Pain/Wounding Originating from the Same.


Your Previous Partners can tap into The Same Timeline to Manifest Experiences for Themselves and Pull Source Energy for Their Life Experience FROM YOU. This Decreases Your Life Force and Your Potential to Manifest Inner Union and Peace for You.


You can Take this Activation to Severe Cords with Such Sexual Exchanges THAT HAVE'NT TAKEN PLACE WITH YOUR CONSENT BUT PAIN'S DECISION FOR YOU.


Sexuality is Sacred and must be Respected as such. You have used your Sexuality to Hurt and Self Destruct by Accepting Such Timelines for You.


All Sexual Partners in the Matrix are Actively using your Source energy to Manifest Life on Earth UNTIL REVIVED.


Sexual Energy is the Force of Creation and is Needed to Create on this Planet. Until you Retrieve Your fragments from Unconscious Sexual Experiences, Your energy is being used BY SOMONE ELSE to Create.  


You Don't want Anyone Hijacking Your Timelines, Hence, Take this Transmission and Come Back from the Same.

It will PREVENT SEXUAL HIJACKING and Get you Back to your Body.




Take this Activation 8 Times a Weekend.


Give a Gap of 3 Weeks then Repeat.


Carry Out the Process 5 Times. 


You may experience;


Emotional release/stomach release/vomiting/headaches/insomnia/sudden rage etc.


All reactions to these transmissions are normal. Feel such emotions and let them go. 


You Will Receive the Link to Download the Healing via Email.



$111.00 Regular Price
$20.20Sale Price
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