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Heal Sexual Pain

Heal Sexual Pain

This Light Language Activation will activate you to Heal the Pain of Abusive Sexuality that you have experienced prior to your Ascension and Twin Flame Activation in the form of Casual Sex, Assault, Sexual Abuse, Force, Emotionally Detached Relationships so that you can open your heart to Real love making and Physical Union with your Divine Lover.

It will activate you to transmute the pain of meaningless sexual experiences that leave you hollow and empty and fill your heart with yourself so that you never act out of Abusive Sexuality.

It will also Correct PAINFUL SEXUAL KARMA that you built with Another out of Unconscious and Wounding.

It will bring forgiveness and relief to your and your Twin Flame’s Soul for a Deeper sexual merge so that there is no third energy between you two.

Trapped third party energy repels Physical Union for flames and this healing will remove such Debris for you.

You need this activation if you believed that casual sex to hurt your Soul was okay, if it was okay to sleep with anyone just for an orgasm, if it was okay to sleep with someone and never want to be with them, if it was okay to have pretended to be in love just to get sex.

All of this and painful Karma attached to the same will be Healed.

So get this Activation and Purify your Body and Soul of Dark Sexual Debris.


Take this activation Thrice a Saturday X 12 Saturdays.

A lot of Purging will take place with The Same.


$111.00 Regular Price
$20.20Sale Price
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