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Heal The Way You've Loved Before

Heal The Way You've Loved Before

This is a Beautiful Feminine Activation for you to Heal Your Broken Heart from Previous Relationships.


The Way You've Been Hurt and The Way You Hurt Your Partner Will be Healed as IT Brings to Light Painful Emotions that Haven’t been Acknowledged By Your Heart.


It's Difficult to Face Yourself as a Partner as It Reflects ALL Vulnerabilities and Insecurities that We may not be Ready to Share with Anyone.


You will Remember all Fights, Sex, Dates, Lies, Betrayal, Scamming and Vengeful Actions Towards Them So That You Forgive Yourself for Hurting Both Of You.


You Also Need to Forgive Them for Hurting You as Oblivious Lovers of the Matrix who are Projected against Your Natural Desire to Love God.


Get Ready to Face Your Heart with An Explosion of Emotions, That Need to Be Released so that You can be the Partner You Wish to Be in Union With.


You can Only Meet your Partner As Deeply As You've Met Yourself.


You may have Made Mistakes in those Relationships but only to fight the Pain that you were Suffering.


It Wasn't Your Fault, It was a Broken Heart That Was Trying to Love Itself Via a Wounded Mirror.


So You can get this Activation and Forgive Yourself for Indulging in a Relationship that Wasn’t Meant for You.


You Learned Who You were through Your Own Mirror and Judging Yourself for Such Emotions is Not One with God.


You Could Also Look at it via a Factual Fraction that Subjects all Experiences to the Artificial Simulator that Runs an Algorithm to Get You Hurt But Your Heart Needs to Be Caressed by You for Loving You, Before Anyone, Most of ALL Your Twin Flame.

Hence, Activate and Enjoy Who You Think You Could Be, But, Now You Most Definitely Are.


Directions: Activate 6 Times X Every Weekend X 8 Weekends X Repeat Every 3 Weeks.


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