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Healing Anger against the Masculine

Healing Anger against the Masculine

This Light Language Transmission will make you purge anger stored in your divine vessel against all Masculines(inner and outer) and heal your inner  identification as the "angry masculine". Those of you who had a troubled relationship with your fathers, who were abusive, emotionally and physically will highly benefit from this transmission. This will heal your internal relationship between your feminine and masculine and close the separation as caused by anger, as fuelled by the outer masculine; fathers, husbands, boyfriends etc. This anger is the cause of dark feminine amongst many things and creates hurt and separation with the outer masculine to live out the pain caused by this anger. Those of you physically apart from your masculine to purge anger against the masculine will deeply benefit from this transmission.


Those men who suffered a toxic childhood with their fathers will be able to purge the anger stored in their divine vessel due to such toxicity.

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