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Healing for Bad Karma

Healing for Bad Karma

This Activation will Heal Bad Karma with Respect to Money, Power, Fame, Success, Career, Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Everything You've Done to Create Evil on this Planet Against Your Natural Desire to Do These Things for Your God Self.


As You do These Things Out of Self Rejection (When Evil is Making You Do it), You Generate a Negative Algorithm/Bad Karma for Yourself As You are Operating via Someone Else's Desire to Experience it, Not Yours.

You can do Whatever You Want, Whenever You want, However You Want, Without Generating Bad Karma as Per PRESENCE/CONSCIOUSNESS of What You want Out of These Experiences.

Don't Do them on AutoPilot, Thats the Bad Karma.


As You Infuse Presence into These Experiences You Correct the Result of Bad Karma/Quantum Active in Your Present Timeline.


It will Release Your Soul Trapped in a Mirror or Bad Karma and You will Begin to Operate As Per the GOOD KARMA ALGORITHM.




Listen to the Healing 5 Times X Every Weekend X 6 Weekends X Every 2 Weekends x Total of 5 Times.


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