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Leave Your Trauma Behind in 2021!

Leave Your Trauma Behind in 2021!

This Light Language Activation is a Great way of closing the Year 2021!


As you take this activation, You will be activated to leave your Traumas behind in 2021. 


You can set an intention with this activation for the said Trauma and The Divine Masculine polarity(Mental/Action Space) within you will take the Correct course of action for you to resolve such Trauma forever.


Whatever hurt your soul in the year 2021 doesn’t belong with you in the year 2022. 


Therefore, This activation will activate your Soul to leave the pain behind that held you back from achieving your Fullest Potential in the year 2021. 


It will activate you to Embrace your full potential as per your own healing so that you never hold yourself back due to pain and trauma as you did in the year 2021.


This is a Jump start to the year 2022 as You will automatically be placed on your highest Timeline for the year 2022 with Your Divine Masculine completing the Shadow work it couldn’t in the year 2021. 




  • Listen to the Activation in a Meditative State and SET AN INTENTION TO RESOLVE A PARTICULAR TRAUMA/PAINFUL HABIT. 
  • Listen to it 15 Times Today only. 


This is a Great add on to your Healing Journey as it will correct everything you have been wanting to since 2021. 


You will be Purging Heavily in the Days to come to resolve the same. 


All kinds of Headache/Vomiting/Nausea/Crying are normal. 


You will receive a Link via Email to Download the Activation. 



$55.55 Regular Price
$20.20Sale Price
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