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Past Life Healing Codes

Past Life Healing Codes

These Codes are an Extremely Powerful Activation to heal Past Life Trauma for Twin Flames. 


You will be able to forgive yourself and your counterpart for manifesting Past Life Separation and RETRIEVE YOUR SOUL FRAGMENTS FROM INVERTED TIME LOOPS that make you manifest Pain, Longing and Separation with your Counterpart in 3D. 


You will be able to detach from the grief that came with Past Life Trauma, Accept your Manifestation and Quantum jump to a Higher timeline so that you no longer resonate with the same traumatic cycle. 


Grief from Past Life Cycles can be Extremely Addictive and Harm Root Chakra.


It will assist you in RELEASING GRIEF that makes you hold onto Temporary Physical Separation. 


It will Shift you to a Higher Timeline and close Past Life Trauma cycles. 


THESE CODES ARE IN THE FORM OF AN IMAGE! And can be saved in your phone/laptop. 


Directions: Look at the image and let it Activate you. Focus on it for 5 Minutes X 5 Days only. 


Give a Gap of 5 weeks then Repeat.


Carry Out the Process a total number of 3 times.


You may experience; Emotional release/stomach release/vomiting/headaches/insomnia/sudden rage etc. 


All reactions to these transmissions are normal. Feel such emotions and let them go. 


That’s how a toxic program leave your divine vessel! You will receive a link to download the healing via Email.


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$15.96Sale Price
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