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Past Life Healing Codes for Childhood Retrieval

Past Life Healing Codes for Childhood Retrieval

These codes came in for the Collective Healing Childhood at the moment. Your childhood cannot be Healed until the original point of SOUL HARVESTATION has been revealed. The original point of Soul Harvestation which is responsible for projecting a wounded childhood is past life trauma. The quantum of pain experienced in your childhood is always equal to the quantum of pain experienced in a past life. This quantum can only be nullified to ZERO, Once complete retrieval has taken place from the original point of harvestation which is past lives. As you take this activation it's going to pull you out of the pain grids which you activated for yourself in a past life which is projecting wounded childhood for you at the moment in a parallel timeline.


Your childhood integrations run alongside past life healing so that your conscious brain Hence, The Divine Masculine polarity can consciously decide to recall both fragments and pull them towards zero.


The Akashic grids for your own personal record begin to collapse only once the childhood retrieval, Projected by the same, has taken place which is exactly what this code is going to do for you. It will activate you for advanced childhood healing which is necessary for collapsing false projections in past life which gave birth to your wounded childhood in the first place. Until you collapse the false projections from a past life your wounded childhood will continue to stay as a painful hologram and cannot collapse into zero. This is a zero activation for your wounded childhood to collapse both holograms and subsume them into zero. In short, You will begin to retrieve extremely PAINFUL experiences from your childhood that your subconscious has completely blocked as the infestation in the chakra system is very strong in a parallel timeline in your past lives. As soon as you activate these codes for yourself, Soul retrieval will be catalysed and both, Past life and Childhood projections will begin to collapse so that you can see yourself for who you truly are. You can relieve yourself from SEPARATION wounds inflicted in a past life which are responsible for your wounded childhood. This is an advanced code which includes past life healing codes along with childhood healing and will make you transmute a lot of wounding from the cellular memory at the zero point field you will activate THE ZERO for your childhood which will call you back from PAINFUL GRIDS.


Directions: Look at these codes and Activate them by meditating upon the Same for 5 minutes.


Meditate upon these Codes for 5 Minutes a Day X 5 Days every 15 days X 5 months.


You may experience; Emotional release/stomach release/vomiting/headaches/insomnia/sudden rage etc. All reactions to these transmissions are normal. Feel such emotions and let them go.


That’s How a Toxic Program leave your Divine Vessel!


You will receive a link via Email to Download the same.










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