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Period Relief

Period Relief

This transmission is for every single woman to experience relief on a Painful Period Cycle. 


It will relieve you off muscle cramps, nausea, pain, vomiting etc and All/Any painful symptoms you may experience, Substantially. 


You will be able to soothe your womb space while experiencing heavy flow and nourish your body during the same. 


This activation contains comfort and recovery codes for you to feel relaxed and comforted on your period. 


This will also stop you from purging additional trauma during your period cycle so that you can relax and purge necessary wounds ONLY. 

(Periods make you purge a lot of trauma)


Directions: Take this Activation once on your period ONLY. 

(1st day recommended)


You will not be activated to Purge with the same, These codes are for you to feel comforted during your period purge cycle. 


You will receive a link to download the transmission via Email.


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