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Practice Ascension Discipline

Practice Ascension Discipline

This Light Code Activation is for You to Practice Ascension Discipline!


Ascension Means Connection with God via All Experiences and Anything That Hurts Your Discipline Must be Transmuted via Careful Practice of God Alignment.


Ascension Discipline Means Complete Focus on Connecting the Divine Masculine Function with the Divine Feminine for Union Activation.


As You Activate Yourself with this Activation, You will be able to:


1. Practice a Sleep Schedule As Per Union Mechanics.

2. Eat As Per Solar Plexus Discipline.

3. Stay Observant to NEVER TAKE A REPTILIAN THOUGHT FORM/PAIN BASED THOUGHT as Communication with God.

4. Interact with People Around You in the Correct Sound Field/Speech/Divine Feminine.

5. Lose People and Experiences that are against God Alignment.

6. Practice a Career that Fulfils Your Soul.

7. Practice Hobbies/Passions that Excite Your Being True to Your Feminine Signature.

8. Build an Honest Connection with God.

9. Communicate Honestly with Your Being.

10. Project a Life that is Honest to God via Union.




  • Look at the Activation Upon Purchase to Activate the Codes. 
  • Meditate Upon them for 5 Minutes. 
  • Use them 5 Times this Weekend, Meditate for 5 Minutes X 5 Times. 
  • Carry out the Process 5 Times.




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