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Reduce the Pain Turnaround with your Twin Flame

Reduce the Pain Turnaround with your Twin Flame

This is an Extremely Advanced DNA Light Language Activation that will activate yours and your Twins DNA TO STOP CREATING SEPARATION TIME CYCLES THROUGH YOUR WOUNDED PAINFUL SUBCONSCIOUS as you are addicted to. As you were wounded in the Matrix, The TIME SPAN OF PAIN CREATED

(Painful Experiences) created with your Mom and Dad in your Childhood, SPLIT INTO A MIRRORED TIME EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR TWIN FLAME. So for every wounded experience of yours you have an EQUIVALENT OF PAINFUL EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR TWIN.

X amount of Pain received in childhood = X amount of Painful timelines created with your Twin Flame.

Every negative thought split towards Self is mirroring and creating the same negative thought split within your Twin about each other and hence they say they don’t love you.

For ex, You remember the slap you received from your mom as a child but the pain is not yet integrated now the remembrance of same pain will generate a separation thought within your Twin Flame and they feel Pain and no love towards Self and hence no emotions for you and their brain will generate Separation thought that they don’t want to be with you. This is how Pain remembrance changes your DNA and your story line with your Twin changes AS PER THE INTEGRATION OF THE SHADOW BODY and they feel according to what the AWAKE TWIN HAS INTEGRATED OR YET TO INTEGRATE.

This activation will CHANGE THE CATACLYSMIC PROCESS OF THOUGHT SPLITS GENERATED OUT OF YOUR PAIN BODY INTO YOUR DM’S BRAIN AND REDUCE THE SEPARATION TIME SPAN CREATED OUT OF THE SAME. After this Activation you are fully protected from the result of integrating shadow body else when you heal and transmute Pain, Your Twin automatically runs their pained algorithm where they feel Separation Thoughts and their Brain only generates separation thoughts with respect to you. They cannot run any other algorithm than what you are running. IT IS THE SAME FOR TWINS and when you create a Separation thought split with anybody in your life, they mirror the separation and think they don’t love you. Loving your Twin and being with them requires you to LOVE EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY THAT IS THE HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION OF YOUR 3D REALITY and this is also what this Activation will do for you. It will change the Polarity mechanics to Subconscious autopilot where both of you are consistently integrating Pain WITHOUT CREATING SEPARATION TIME AND THOUGHT.

Did you know that you are creating Separation time as you Heal? This is what happens in a Union, when you open the shadow body and look deep within your wounds your twin is running from you because THEIR BRAIN IS ONLY GENERATING ONE THOUGHT AND THAT IS THAT THEY DO NOT LOVE YOU. This Activation will correct such thought splits and create Union time for both of you within the DNA.

As you activate yourselves with it, Your shadow body will not generate Separation Time Splits and keep you both on Union Track.

Directions: Activate 17 Times Everyday X 30 Days.

You will receive a Link to Download the Healing.

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