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Root Crown Activation

Root Crown Activation

This Light Language Transmission will activate your root chakra and crown chakra, to merge your spirit self with your 3D self. This merge will activate you to be the person you aspire to be, to give yourself every single thing your higher self wants you to manifest but you've been unable to because of redundant programs in your root chakra.  This will begin a clearing process for you and make you release old ideas on how you view yourself which comes from entity attachments and programming.


This will heal such ideas and you will be able to see yourself for who you are. Those of you struggling to achieve your own identity will greatly benefit from this transmission.

Those of you who feel out of place here on earth, and feel that you don't resonate with earthly programs, you will greatly benefit from this as it will ground your spirit to earth which will enable you to manifest higher timelines. 


This merge will also help those of you looking to embark upon healing careers. 

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