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Simulate Your Twin Flame's Ascension

Simulate Your Twin Flame's Ascension

This Light Language Activation will activate you and your Twin Flame to SIMULATE YOUR TWIN FLAME’S ASCENSION FOR THEM SO THAT YOU CAN MANIFEST PHYSICAL UNION.

This activation is for those of you that HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHERE THERE TWIN FLAME IS IN THEIR ASCENSION AND CAN CONTROL THEIR ASCENSION INTO PHYSICAL UNION especially if your Twin is being extremely Karmic to themselves and you are the one Fully Awake to Physical Union.

You will be COURSE CORRECTING THEM INTO UNION ACTION with this Activation and they will leave any kind of Karmics, Third Party they have active against their God self and Union.


Activate 5 times a Saturday X 7 Saturdays

You will be receiving an Email to Download the Healing.

It is a 4 Second DNA ACTIVATION

  • No Refunds

$222.00 Regular Price
$111.00Sale Price
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