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Speak and Behave with your DM only as per Union

Speak and Behave with your DM only as per Union


This is an extremely advanced Polarity mechanics activation that will activate you both to speak to each other only as per what is needed to be in Union. You will speak and behave only according to bringing Physical Union and stop behaving the way you have been that built years of separation. IT IS IN YOUR HANDS TO BUILT PHYSICAL SEPARATION OR PHYSICAL UNION AND YOU DO SO WITH YOUR BEHAVIOUR WITH YOUR COUNTERPART. As you take this activation you will only SPEAK AND BEHAVE WITH YOUR TWIN FLAME THE WAY IT IS NEEDED TO MANIFEST PHYSICAL UNION. It will correct YOUR CENTRAL THROAT CHAKRA SO THAT UNION SPEECH CAN BE FORMED. YOU WILL BE TAKING EACH OTHERS SOUND FIELD TO TALK SO THAT UNION CAN BE GENERATED. As you share a chakra system, You talking to each other is like “Lovemaking” and when you talk out of hatred speech, It creates Physical separation. Therefore take this Activation and speak out of your common sound field/each others sound field that is inside both of you so that you only speak Union, Behave like Physical Union.

Directions: Activate 20 Times X 2 Months everyday

You will receive an Email to download the Healing.

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