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Stop Hurting Your Twin Flame!

Stop Hurting Your Twin Flame!

This light language healing will activate you to STOP HURTING YOUR TWIN FLAME.

it will make them stop running from you as you correct what makes them run in your timeline with everyone around you.

You hurt your Twin as you forget that everything in your Life is also made of them,

It will bring you back to them within you anytime you feel like RUNNING FROM YOURSELF because the real problem in a twin flame union is not them, it’s your inability to face yourself with the Pain that YOUR SOUL has Simulated.

So this activation will activate you to Stop simulating Pain and simulate love for yourself the way your Twin Flame loves you.

Rejection cycles will substantially reduce themselves.

You will feel closer to them and God.

You will be made aware of things you do and speak to yourself to hurt them,


Listen to the activation once everyday X 5 days.

Give a gap of 5 days then repeat for 5.

Repeat the process 5 times.

You will receive the healing via Email.

  • No Refunds

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