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The 2020 Cleanse(Remote Healing for Twin Flames)

The 2020 Cleanse(Remote Healing for Twin Flames)


Dear ones,


As 2020 is about to close, I am being guided to conduct an intensive Healing Ritual for the collective. 

This cleanse is a Remote Healing Ritual taking place on the 29th of December, 8 PM Indian Standard Time. It's a Full moon night and a very powerful Portal is opening up for this cleanse. This healing ritual will MAKE YOU LEAVE BEHIND WHAT YOU NO LONGER NEED TO CARRY INTO 2021! 

As I conduct this ritual, I will be healing the Separation Energy, manifested by you and your Divine counterpart in 2020. It will assist you on your Twin Flame Path as you will LEAVE THIS ENERGY BEHIND IN 2020 and no longer carry with yourself in 2021! It will also activate you to place you on your highest timeline(with respect to your current vibration) in 2021!!


You will be receiving closing codes upon the closure of the ceremony on the 29th. 


This ritual will activate you to Purge Ego programming that has caused you and your Twin Flame hurt/wounding/separation in 2020!!


2021 is the year of MASS UNIONS! Let's leave behind what keeps us away from it in 2020 and look towards 2021 with GOD in our hearts! 


Kindly leave your Divine Counterpart's name as you enter this ritual.




*You will receive an Email on the 29th along with the closing codes.

*I don't need anything else from you, just your names.


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