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Tune into Astral Communication from Divine Masculine

Tune into Astral Communication from Divine Masculine

This is an Astral Communication activation for Twin Flames in Physical Separation.

It will let you Download and channel Astral Communication from the Divine Masculine without interruption from Karmics, Black Magic etc.

It will block Karmics trying to sabotage Physical Union via Astral Communication.

Your DM may have been mislead in the Past with Astral Communication as DNA switching takes place while talking to your Twin in the astral due to Karma.

This activation will let you talk to your DM accurately as it creates a protective shield and gateway for you two to Talk and express romantically.

You will also stay vigilant for Karmics trying to sabotage communication and remove it at the same time.

You can download and tune into his right field of thought Towards You and Physical Union with this Activation.

It will let you know the way he is feeling in Physical Separation and the way he’s transmuting Pain away from you.

You will receive an Email to Download the Activation.


Play the activation 15 times and tune into your DM’s Energy.

Trust what you receive and download the message!

You can use it anytime to tune into his Field for Astral Talk.

  • No Refunds

$75.75 Regular Price
$20.20Sale Price
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