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Activate your DM to Lead you in 3D

Activate your DM to Lead you in 3D

This Light Language Activation will activate your DM to take the Lead in 3D to communicate, express himself and speak his heart over what he feels.

He will be activated to act as per AWAKE FEMININE/MASCULINE balance inside so that he stops RUNNING from Facing what he feels.

He will be able to say what he wants with you in 3D and overcome any fears of being loved or being in love as held by them in the Past before you.

Most importantly it will help him overcome Fear of Intimacy that comes with being in Love with You so that he can be his honest self and express what he feels.

It will gravely HELP your DM in facing the depth of his Love that causes much shame and embarrassment initially upon Ascension and causes him to Run.

It will remove it from him and you both.

Directions: Activate 21 Times Everyday X 1 Month.

You will receive an Email to Download the Healing.

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