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Womb Healing Ritual

Womb Healing Ritual

Dear ones,


This is a Remote Healing Service where in I will perform a Deep Womb Cleanse along with Sexual Healing for you. 


Your Womb Space is a Cosmic Portal of creation. Creativity breeds in your Sacral through emotions that are felt there. Sacral Chakra governs the womb space and Dark Trauma trapped in the sacral will project shadow from the heart centre.


You will continue to ABANDON and HURT yourself via Sexual/ALL Experiences until the Womb Space is clean.


Even if you're a Divine Feminine manifesting Union and have healed substantially, Your healing journey is incomplete and will continue to repel your Masculine if your womb is projecting shadow timelines.


You are trapping dark energy from unconscious sexual trauma and Ancestral Rape/Domestic Abuse which attracts more of the same until healed.

The timelines being projected from the womb space are MANIFESTING MORE SEPARATION until corrected.


Therefore, I am going to correct your Timelines for You, FROM THE WOMB SPACE.


I will cleanse and release what feeds into Dark Feminine Programs that birth Dark Masculine timelines for your Masculine and Gaia.

Unhealed Womb Space is projecting Shadow for your Masculine too. 


Therefore, Participate in this ritual and heal for you both.


This is a Distance Healing service and will be performed on Friday 11th, JUNE. 


You will receive closing codes via Email once the service is over. 


*There is no communication required upon booking. 


*This is a group healing service.


*Extremely Beneficial for Twin Flames.



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