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Past Life Healing

Look into Past Lives Responsible for your Pain!

  • 1 hour
  • 100 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Book this Service to look into your Past Life and Many Lives that you have lived on Earth in Pain and Away from Yourself and Your Lover. We Recommend Past Life Healing to Everyone as your Past Life is responsible for ALL WOUNDS & TRAUMAS EXPERIENCED in this Life. Whatever was Painful in a Past Life to Your Soul WILL BE PAINFUL IN THIS LIFE UNTIL HEALED. This is why you have Bad Karma with your Mother, Father, Friend, Ex because you created Painful Experiences with Them in a Past Life and this Life continues to hurt the same. ALL YOUR TRIGGERS & CHALLENGES stem from Past Life Trauma and this Consult will help you CLEAR THE SOURCE OF ALL WOUNDING & PAIN IN THIS LIFE WHICH YOUR PAST LIVES AND PAINFUL PAST LIFE KARMA. TWIN FLAMES SEPARATE AGAIN AND AGAIN BECAUSE OF PAST LIFE TRAUMA! YOUR TWIN IS REJECTING YOU DUE TO PAST LIFE WOUNDING, TWIN FLAMES HAVE TO CLEAR THE PAIN OF PHYSICAL SEPARATION FROM PAST LIVES TO MANIFEST PHYSICAL UNION! We Work with Twin Flames via PAST LIFE REGRESSION and make them SEE, FEEL, THE MANY PAST LIFE/PAST LIVES spent with their Twin Flame ON EARTH, APART & IN PAIN, TO PURGE THE PAIN OF SEPARATION AND WOUNDING THAT TOOK PLACE DUE TO LACK OF UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ONE WITH GOD & TO CLOSE SEPARATION BETWEEN DIVINE FEMININE & DIVINE MASCULINE FOR PHYSICAL UNION!

Contact Details

  • +91 9599938980

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